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W.I.P. Screenshots 2 and OPK - Fight Night

Today i want to present new WIP screenshots of my work on the upcoming OPK version.

On the following screenshots you can see the Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter, armed with rocketpods, for the VSCG:

(credits for the Mil Mi-8 going out to Project Reality and Eve Of Destruction)

and the new main battle tank T-72 for the VSCG:

(credits going out for the T-72 MBT to US Intervention)

Big thx for the mod-teams "PR2: Project Reality2, EOD: Eve Of Destruction, IDF: Indypendent Defence Force and NAW: Nations At War", for helping me, realize the new OPK version.


A new OPK Fight Night is planned and the date is already fixed.

Prepare for another fight night with the OPK v.041!

To play with us, you need the BF2 Revive Launcher and the latest OPK version 0.41.

See you on February 11th on the official OPK - Fight Night Server!

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